Cycle Training

Cycle Training

There are many who are open to making everyday journeys by bike, but their recent cycling experience has been for leisure and recreation, often away from busy roads. For some, traffic has increased greatly since they last cycled for work, shopping or other local trips.

To achieve a high uptake of cycling infrastructure and schemes, these people need to be trained in aspects of both good cycling practice and general road safety, to ensure they are both safe and confident on their bikes at all times. The guidance referenced below, from government and cycling organisations, will support the delivery of a high standard of training, and provide a fuller understanding of cycling in the workplace, to schools and colleges, and in urban areas in general.

Training – General

‘Bikeability’ – the national standards for cycle training, from beginners to those facing more complex traffic conditions:

Transport for London – general cycle training information:

CTC’s hub page for cycle training, which provides summary information and links to other relevant resources.

Training – Cycling to Work

Bikeability has guidance aimed at adult cyclists in particular:

CTC’s ‘Commuter Tutor’ course will help new and returning cyclists build skills, and find the best route for them to reach their place of work.

Training – Cycling to Schools and Colleges

These links to the Department for Transport’s ‘Bikeability’ initiative provide an overview of most aspects of cycle training for children: