Cycling and Transport Interchanges


Cycling to public transport interchanges is an efficient way of increasing use of train, tram and main-route bus services, which avoids allocating precious urban land to parking or running extra feeder bus services.

Persuading some of those who currently drive to stations to switch to cycling frees up parking spaces for customers newly attracted to train, tram or regional bus. This can boost overall public transport patronage and revenues.

The guidance offered by the websites listed below provides a useful starting point for planning and designing for increased cycling to interchanges.

Cycling and Railway Stations

The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) has produced guidance on station travel plans, which includes encouraging more train users to cycle to the station.

> Station Travel Plans – overview:

> Guidance on the Implementation of Station Travel Plans:

> Research Tool Kit for Station Travel Plans:

> Cycle-Rail Toolkit – the Toolkit sets out best practice in the delivery of measures to encourage more people to choose bike + train:

 Cycling and Interchanges

Transport Scotland has produced guidance on Public Transport Interchange, including a section on ‘Bike and Ride':

NICHES+  The mission of this EU project is to promote innovative measures for making urban transport more efficient and sustainable, and to move them from their current ‘niche’ position into a mainstream urban transport application. One of the measures looked into was cycling facilities for intermodal interchanges:

Urban Transport Benchmarking Initiative  This EU project benchmarked different aspects of 45 participating cities’ transport systems. The Behavioural & Social Issues in Urban Transport working group and the Cycling working group produced a report into interesting practices observed at interchanges:

PRESTO  A project of the EU’s Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, setting out tools to create cycle friendly urban environments, to implement sound cycling plans and to start up targeted promotion campaigns. This includes an implementation fact sheet ‘Cycling Facilities At Interchanges’:

ScotRail Cycle Innovation Plan   Abellio plans for the ScotRail train operating franchise include a target of a 10% increase in sustainable access to and egress from the rail network.  This includes improving opportunities for bike + train travel.