Cycling at Work

Cycling to Work – General

These documents offer guidance on encouraging and facilitating more staff to cycle to work:

Department for Transport –…/encouraging-people-to-cycle

Sustrans, the UK charity that enables increased travel by bike and on foot –

Cycling England, the Government’s 2005-2011 initiative to increase cycling –…Cycling_to_Work09.pdf

Travelwise Merseyside, guidance applicable nationally –…Cycling Marketing Guide

Invest Northern Ireland, the advice service for business –…/encouraging-staff-cycle-or-walk-work

Transport for London, advice for those who wish to encourage and facilitate cycling to the workplace –

‘Cycle to Work’ Scheme

The ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme provides payroll benefits to the employer and employee.  You can find guidance on the Government website, and from many local authorities:

Department for Transport –…/cycle-to-work-scheme-implementation-guidance

Northern Ireland –…/cycle-to-work-scheme/

Workplace Cycle Parking

To ensure that investment in cycle parking is value for money, close attention must be paid to good design and user needs. Guidance can be found from national and local cycling organisations – see Cycling Parking Guidance

Cycle Park – Authority-specific Guidance

You might need to follow local authority guidance for your area, such as a planning application or statutory travel plan. But even if this is not the case or it doesn’t apply to your area, the guidance might still prove useful.

– Transport for London

– Bedfordshire…/Cycling/Adopted Park Guide App.pdf

– Devon

– Hertfordshire…/cycleparkguide.pdf


– Swindon…/swindoncycleparkingstandard.pdf

Pool Bikes

Some organisations find it useful to provide staff with bikes for travelling between sites during the working day, attending meetings, or visiting clients. This guidance might be of help to you.