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Supplies: Cycle parking storage; scooter storage; public bike pumps.

Since 2005 we have developed, designed and manufactured new innovative cycle storage solutions. We are the only cycle storage company, which is Carbon Neutral providing a range of stylish solutions, all of which are manufactured in the UK from either 100% recycled or recyclable material. Available in a wide range of different colours and finishes, our products lend themselves to different environments; bike parking no longer has to be hidden as an eyesore. In fact, we have gone a stage further and provided advertising and branding opportunities on our products. We believe that the use of recycled materials should not compromise quality and that bike parking should encourage cycling and a healthier way of life. Our unique designs hold and protect each bike discretely. Unlike traditional bike racks, our products prevent overcrowding and damage to the bikes, making us very bike and cyclist friendly.

Contact: Chris Tsielepi

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0845 094 0490

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