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Supplies: Traffic surveys.

Intelligent Data provide all types of traffic surveys to support transport planning, modelling, transport assessments, pre­feasibility, feasibility of schemes and post implementation monitoring and travel planning. Our understanding of this sector enables the firm to provide an unparalleled range of services include Roadside Interview Surveys, Automatic Traffic counts, Video and Manual classified counts, queue surveys, TA22/81 speed assessments, ANPR, Large Scale Junction modelling, journey time surveys (using video and GPS) and all types of Parking surveys.

The firm also specialises in saturation flow, degree of saturation and signal timing data collection to enable baseline signal data to be collected. Intelligent data provide post implementation of schemes as part of section
106 agreements and have delivered year­on­year trip rate monitoring, Roadside Interviews, household interviews, travel diaries and parking assessments. Intelligent data is also an approved contractor undertaking TRICS and TRAVL based assessments across the UK and Ireland.

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