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Supplies: Traffic surveys.

TDC Systems are an industry leader in inventing, creating and delivering Intelligent Transport Systems across the world. TDC’s portfolio of products and services include; Cycle and Pedestrian Monitoring, Bluetooth Journey Time Monitoring, Traffic Counters & Classifiers, Weigh­in­Motion Systems and Sustainable Transport Initiatives.

TDC’s cycle and pedestrian monitors have been installed across the UK, Netherlands and Australia and TDC is proud to launch two new exciting products inspired by the cycle revolution taking hold across Europe. TDC have successfully tested the HI­TRAC® CMU Green Light Priority System in Copenhagen for a traffic signal priority scheme. Eye­level cycle priority lights were incorporated into existing traffic signals and linked to the CMU unit and new split piezo sensor detection technology to give cyclists an early start ahead of the traffic. This system is widely used in continental Europe so that cyclists can clear junctions swiftly and avoid mixing with heavy goods vehicles.

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