Urban Cycling

Cycling plays a central role in promoting accessibility in Britain’s towns and cities. It provides independent mobility for non-drivers – such as young people and lower-income households. It can also free up road space for essential motor traffic, including deliveries and business travel, and reduce the space taken up by car parking.

Provision for cycling is better when integrated with spatial planning of development, and with integrated planning for movement in all its forms. The guidance below covers general advice for street planning as well as some focused on cycling specifically.

Planning Streets for Cycling

‘Manual for streets’ provides guidance that aims to reduce the impact of motor vehicles on residential streets through intelligent design which gives a high priority to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport.


‘Manual for streets 2’ builds on the philosophies set out in ‘Manual for streets’ and demonstrates through guidance and case studies how they can be extended beyond residential streets to encompass both urban and rural situations.


‘Handbook for cycle-friendly design’ from Sustrans provides technical design guidance starting from network planning, through infrastructure features and construction design, and including management and maintenance.


‘Making Space for Cycling’ is a guide for new development and street renewal in existing urbanised areas, prepared by Cyclenation. It covers the design principles required, from main roads down to local streets, as well as complementary measures such as cycle parking.


Department for Transport Local Transport Notes:

– ‘Shared use routes to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists (LTN 1/12)’


– ‘Cycle Infrastructure Design (LTN 2/08)’


Regional Guidance

Guidance provided by cities and towns around Britain – to follow in 2015

Cycle Parking

See guidance at http://getbritaincycling.net/cycle-parking/

Cycling and Transport Interchanges

See guidance at  http://getbritaincycling.net/cycling-and-transport-interchanges/